Saturday, February 17, 2007

NetRouter, Inc.: NetRouter

A Built on IBM Express Advantage Offering for Fuel Conservation

NetRouter, Inc. is dedicated to solving complex route optimization and distribution problems. The company is dedicated to creating solutions for truck routing, distribution modeling, and distribution planning.NetRouter, Inc. specializes in designing, developing, and consulting with companies to optimize distribution functions and maintain high customer service levels, while reducing costs.NetRouter, Inc., a 20-year member of PartnerWorld, is an Advanced IBM Business Partner. A 2005 Finalist recipient of the Beacon Award for Global Solutions Marketing – On Demand, NetRouter, Inc. is listed in IBM’s National Solutions Database.

Solution Overview
NetRouter™ is an IBM ASP Prime certified, Web-based application that provides route optimization, solutions modeling, assignment distribution, and varied, secure Web-based applications. For any company in which distribution of products or services is a critical part of the business, NetRouter is the solution to use instead of ineffective and time-consuming manual routing.
NetRouter’s route optimization can save up to 25% of delivery and service call costs by utilizing the Web to improve distribution and route assignments. NetRouter also minimizes delivery costs by assigning the most efficient pathway between client locations and distribution centers. This tool can also consolidate orders and manage a multi-distribution center environment. Its varied applications can be implemented to solve many routing problems in any size business.
IBM Built On Express components:

Proven Client Success
The customer is a complete packaging and chemical supplier serving more than 6,000 locations throughout North America.Today, NetRouter processes between 800 and 1,500 orders a day that are transmitted from the company's AS/400 to the Lotus Domino NetRouter eServer p5 at IBM Global Services. Then, using NetRouter's sophisticated graphical user interface, the customer selects pre-defined profiles and orders for a given date range to be consolidated and routed for their private truck fleet.The savings from NetRouter include, reduction in trucks required, reduction in time for order consolidation and routing, and fuel and other truck operating expenses. The Lotus Domino-based GUI provides the functionality for geocoding all customers to the exact longitude and latitude with GPS data, and maintaining the customer and order databases.

IBM Business Partner

NetRouter, Inc.

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