Saturday, February 17, 2007

A Simple Solution to Your Complex Delivery and Distribution Problem
Company Name: NetRouter, Inc. (

What NetRouter, Inc does: Offers an ASP solution for solving complex order consolidation and routing problems through IBM Global Services. IBM customers can access the sophisticated NetRouter software as an Internet- and Web-based solution to reduce their distribution, transportation, and logistics and supply chain costs by up to 25%.

Key Statement: For any company in which distribution of products or service calls are a critical part of their business, NetRouter is a software solution that reduces costs by up to 25% through optimal order consolidation and routing. Unlike ineffective and time-consuming manual routing, our product is fast, convenient and easy to use as an Internet- and Web-based solution.

Market Segmentation: NetRouter is applicable to all of the following industries or services (to name a few), many of which have small- and medium-size companies: food and beverage, retail drug, paper, florists, airport shuttle service, pest control service, telephone coin collection, oil well servicing, auto parts, food service, rent-to-own products, batteries, heating and air conditioning services, and wholesale pharmaceutical.

Key Customer Contacts: Corporate level executives such as VP Distribution, VP Logistics, VP Operations.

NetRouter Product: NetRouter™

Industry Strengths: Wholesale and Retail Paper, Pest Control, Auto Parts, Rent-to-Own Products, Batteries, and Wholesale Pharmaceutical

Selling Strength: NetRouter can be implemented for a new customer very quickly (a few days) without time-consuming hardware and software installations and without complicated licensing agreements.

Primary Competitor: Time-consuming, costly, and labor intensive manual order consolidation and routing that is still used at most companies.

Positioning with IBM: IBM Business Partner, IBM PartnerWorld, IBM Global Solutions Directory, IBM National Solutions Database, IBM Global Services, IBM Partnerworld for Software

Alliances: IBM, IBM Global Services, United Computer Group, Venture System Source, and Renaissance Worldwide

Key Sales Information:

Opportunity Profile: NetRouter, Inc. is well positioned strategically to take advantage of the explosive growth in Internet marketing by offering a product that solves a very complex problem, yet is fast, easy to use and convenient. Although NetRouter is applicable to Fortune 500 companies, the best opportunities lie in the small to medium market of companies with annual sales from $25 million to $100 million. Indeed, these companies are the fastest growing users of Internet-based solutions because they are most vulnerable to high IT costs for personnel, hardware and software; yet need powerful solutions to be competitive.

Qualification Questions:
Does your company have a private fleet for delivery of your products or services?
How many orders do you process daily for delivery of goods or services?

What is the size of your fleet of trucks or service vehicles?

What is your total budgeted cost for distribution, transportation and logistics
Are you currently using a manual method for determining your routes?

Would you like to reduce your delivery or service call costs substant
How many distribution centers are there in your company?

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